Our Vision: “Making Leadership a Way of Life”

About The Company


Everyone has leadership potential. RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. was founded on this singular premise and is focused on helping people achieve their full leadership potential. This potential perpetuates itself in various aspects of running the business.Leaders need a purpose for their business so we assist through the Strategic Planning process. Leaders need to leverage their people AND their business processes so we enable them through the Leadership Development and Operations Performance improvement processes. Lastly, Leaders seek Loyal Customers to drive profitability so we leverage the Business Alignment process to tie it all together. We take this focus on performance change to a new sustained level such that we help create successful lifelong Leaders.


Our Mission

To help Organizational Leadership Teams, Business Owners and Non-Profit Boards align their Strategic Plans to improve and enhance Customer Loyalty and increase profitability.

To help Individual Leaders improve their professional and personal performance by achieving alignment between them.

To help Student Leaders develop their leadership potential to prepare them for the opportunities they will face as our future leaders.

Our Value to You

In their book Fail-Safe Leadership Linda Martin and Dr. David Mutchler state “Leadership is no longer about possessing certain personal characteristics, but rather about the ability to set goals and achieve desired results”. We have 30+ years of leadership experience in Strategic Planning, Organizational, Business and Personal Development as well as Operations Improvement support to achieve improved Organizational and/or Personal Results. These processes traditionally deliver 10% to 15% business growth improvement. What does 10% improvement in your revenue stream do for your company? What does 15% improvement in customer loyalty do to your bottom line? This is the value of investing in Strategic Planning, Leadership Development and Operational Process Improvement to enable people – your business’ most valuable asset – to succeed.

Our Focus

Since 2008, RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. has successfully served Entrepreneurs and Solo-preneurs, Non-Profit Leaders and Small/Mid-sized Businesses (SMB) Leadership teams. Whether working with the team as a whole or individually with the leader and/or specific team members, the focus on the attitudinal aspects of leadership is paramount to sustainable success.

So whether you are an Entrepreneur looking to grow your business, a not-for-profit leader looking to expand your donor base or a corporate leader looking to enhance your organization’s effectiveness, continue below to see how RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. can help you Make Leadership a Way of Life!

Who We Serve


Learn how help your business achieve measurable increases in profits and revenue, and establish focus on a clear direction.


Learn how help your organization achieve measurable increases in revenue, streamline operations and establish focus on a clear direction.

Corporate Leaders

Learn how to help your business achieve measurable increases in revenue, profit, and operations and develop focus on a clear direction.


Learn how you can become more confident, create better goals, and learn to manage the attitudes and time it takes to achieve those goals.

About Rick Lochner

Rick Lochner is the President and CEO of RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. He is an accomplished Coach, Facilitator, College Professor, Keynote and Workshop Speaker, Author and foremost, a Leader.

His Vision is to help Business Owners, Corporate and Non-Profit Leadership Teams and Individual Professionals Make Leadership a Way of Life. He coaches organizational leaders to leverage effective goal-setting, organizational planning, people development and process improvement to ensure their business strategies achieve their desired results.

Leadership Presentations


By sharing Rick’s experiences you and your leaders can create your own!


Rick has been a public speaker for most of his life.  Employing an engaging and educational speaking style, he is the consummate leadership and business storyteller.  He is passionate about leveraging his 30+ years of leadership experience in Fortune 100, Entrepreneurial and Not-For-Profit organizations as well as the Military and Academia to help you make leadership a way of life.  He is a member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Speakers Bureau as well as the co-facilitator of the Chamber’s annual Leadership Institute.

Popular topics include:


  • Leading Through Change
  • How to Think Like a CEO
  • Generational Diversity
  • Leading Yourself Though Effective Goal Planning
  • Leveraging Business Alignment for Sustainable Success

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