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Being a military veteran, I am always interested in how the lessons of military leadership translate to the business world. So, when I came across this most recent book written by three military veterans, I had to check it out. “Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others...

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How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

In this month’s post, I used a quote from Leonardo da Vinci that actually came from this month’s book. This book was recommended by one of my clients and after reading it, I can see why! “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” by Michael J. Gelb is a great read...

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The Missing Piece for Corporate Leaders

In our quest to leverage the Business Alignment process to business leaders across key organizational situations, we are proud to announce the upcoming availability of “The Missing Piece for Corporate Leaders: Achieving Sustainable Value through Business Alignment”....

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The Courage of the Samurai

Several months ago, I was asked to read a book that was recommended to me through a source that I did not know well, something that I do not normally do.  However, after several inquiries and because the title and subject intrigued me, I agreed to read the book and...

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ROI – Return on Integrity

As we find ourselves in ever more challenging leadership situations across business, politics, religion and sports, I find myself looking more deeply into what effective 21st leadership really is and why it seems to so difficult to achieve.  As if he was reading my...

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Sticking Points

Given our recent focus on the multi-generational workforce, this edition of What to Read helps us understand generational diversity more effectively.  I recently had the opportunity to listen to Haydn Shaw speak at a local chamber event.  His combination of candor and...

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The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle

…How to Become a Servant Leader A client recently gave me a copy of this month’s book based on our multiple discussions of leadership, specifically servant leadership.  While it had been awhile since I last read this book, this was a great opportunity to re-read...

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The Missing Piece for Non-Profit Leaders

I believe being a non-profit leader in the 21st Century is one of the toughest roles in leadership! The ongoing reality of thin budgets and fierce competition for donor dollars and volunteer time against the passion and altruism of a host of staff and volunteers...

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Better Than Before

Effective Communications, Goal Planning, Time Management, Prioritization.  These are skills at the heart of sustainable leadership.  Not because they exist from time to time but because they are habits of effective leaders, they exist repetitively and are consistent...

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Why Entrepreneurs Especially Need to Take a Vacation

This month I had the pleasure of contributing to Entrepreneur Magazine in Lisa Evans’ 8/12/15 article titled, “Why Entrepreneurs Especially Need to Take a Vacation”. In it, we talked about the importance of stepping away from the business and taking a true break from...

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Growing Mentor Intelligence™

One of the best things a leader can do for another is to be their mentor. I recently met the author as we are both alumni of the same college, The United States Military Academy at West Point. Alan Landry’s book, “Growing Mentor Intelligence™, A Field Guide to...

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The Missing Piece for Entrepreneurs

Achieving Sustainable Growth through Business Alignment As we wrap up Small Business Appreciation Month, I reflect on the many entrepreneurs and small business owners I have worked with in the past as well as those who I currently work with. It is these innovative,...

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