… to What Will Be

This is the time of year, for better or for worse, many of us take stock of the last twelve months and determine on some level what the next twelve months will look like.  While ultimately I personally favor a rolling goal planning process that is continuous over shorter intervals, most people still favor using the down time during the holidays to do their annual goal setting.  Most studies show the success rate for New Year’s Resolutions is less than 10%, so regardless of whether we set our goals annually or more or less frequently, how do we approach the process of reflecting and resetting?  The following is a structure anyone, regardless of business, markets served, title or level of experience can use to set themselves up for a successful 2017!

What was…

  • …accomplished in 2016 that advanced your business? Before we dive into the things that did not go well, reflect and document the things that did.  Attitudinally, this creates a sense of forward progress and achievement.
  • …accomplished in 2016 that made you a better version of yourself? The connection between our mental well-being and our physical fitness is well documented.  As business leaders this is part of how we create sustainable success both professionally and personally.
  • …not achieved in 2016 that was meant to advance the business? Life happens.  Some of the things we set out to accomplish probably did not get done due to changing priorities, unforeseen obstacles or other reasons.  Evaluate and adjust moving forward.
  • …not achieved in 2016 that was meant to make you a better version of yourself? My experience suggests the biggest obstacle here is one’s own attitude towards giving focus to ourselves versus taking care of others.  How do we get better if we do not give it focus?

What Will Be…

  • …your new goals to advance your business in 2017? These goals are set within the context of where you want/need your business to be in 2017 and less about what did not get done in previous years.  Adaptability is the discipline to say no to what no longer need to be done
  • …your new goals to become a better version of yourself in 2017? The most challenging part of this process is creating these goals that you alone own, make them yours!  Doing this for others will not produce a better you if you don’t own the goals.
  • …the things you stop doing in 2017 that hold your business back? Here is where it gets hard.  Deciding to stop doing something that used to work requires discipline to understand your business in the context of present and future and less about the past.
  • …the things you stop doing in 2017 that prevent you from being a better version of yourself? 60% to 80% of activities that promote wellness and management for those with chronic diseases are lifestyle choices.  Which lifestyle choices are holding you back from a better you in 2017?

The secret to this process is to be as open and objectively honest with yourself.  If objectivity is a challenge, possibly work with a friend, associate or coach whose feedback you trust and respect.  There are also tools that can assist the process such as psychometric assessments and the SWOT Analysis and Synthesis to name a few.

Once the answers to these questions are thoughtfully reflected and documented, you can outline the details of the plan like specific tasks, dates and metrics to your “What Will Be” goals.  As Abraham Lincoln is credited with saying, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

What will 2017 be for you and how will you create it?

Lead Well!