I believe being a non-profit leader in the 21st Century is one of the toughest roles in leadership! The ongoing reality of thin budgets and fierce competition for donor dollars and volunteer time against the passion and altruism of a host of staff and volunteers requires the leader to have a unique mix of attitudes, knowledge and skills.  It is this backdrop that provides the inspiration for our latest book, “The Missing Piece for Non-Profit Leaders: Achieving Sustainable Programs through Business Alignment”.  In this book, we apply the elements of Business Alignment to assist Non-Profit Leaders in creating their Vision, Strategy and Goals to achieve sustainable success.

As Tom Okarma, an experienced non-profit executive in his own right, stated in the book’s Foreword, “Finally, here is a book that specifically addresses the issues and speaks directly to non-profit leaders to show them how their agencies can make that elusive leap to the next level.”  As many non-profits are likely in the midst of their next fiscal year planning, this can be a timely resource to help them achieve their desired results!

Enjoy the Book!