I had the opportunity several months ago to hear Sam Silverstein speak about his book “No More Excuses”. At some point in our leadership careers we have had to deal with excuses, either from ourselves, or from others around us. The author provides a simple framework around five accountabilities for effectively dealing with a constant barrage of excuses.

My favorite part of the book is in Chapter Six where he talks about the fourth of five accountabilities, “Establishing the Right Expectations”. This hits close to home with my own beliefs of setting the right expectations for accountability around a core set of values that ultimately permeates the culture of the business, regardless of size and industry. In this chapter he also cites Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the author of “Psycho-Cybernetics”, a book that had a profound impact on my own expectations at an early age. Managing our own expectations and accountability sets the stage for accountability of those we lead.

Enjoy the Book!