Given our recent focus on the multi-generational workforce, this edition of What to Read helps us understand generational diversity more effectively.  I recently had the opportunity to listen to Haydn Shaw speak at a local chamber event.  His combination of candor and experience got me interested in his book, “Sticking Points”.  Haydn’s take on generational diversity and the most common challenges (12 by his count) are all good reasons to read this book.

My favorite parts of the book are Chapter 3 where he introduces a five-step approach to dealing with  misunderstandings and misperceptions in a multi-generational workplace.  As effective communications are a large part of my coaching practice, I also enjoyed his take on the communications issues between the generations outlined in Chapter 8.  As we focus on perception, this is a great way to not only know why the generational misperceptions occur, but also how to work through them!


Enjoy the Book!