Rick brings a unique perspective, help and energy to all businesses that are “stuck”. Rick’s ability to teach and transfer leadership skills will help all organizations. I have known Rick for more than three years having participated with him in many Naperville Chamber of Commerce Business to Business events.

Phil Marbach

Rick provided excellent guidance to our job seekers at the Community Career Center. His presentation was well organized, highly relevant, and spot on with suggestions to improve success in the job market. Rick’s insight of how to apply business sense to a personal marketing plan as a job seeker is invaluable.

Becky Brillion

I was honored to take part in the design and production of Rick’s 1st publication on Leadership. Throughout this experience, I’ve enriched myself on a personal and professional level I can’t put into words. Upon further knowing Rick and having a few short meetings with him, I felt not only encouraged and enriched, but by analyzing and designing the layout of the materials in his book “The Missing Piece” I really felt the call on how to grow as leader in relationship to my industry, and totally redefined my own brand positioning!

Julia Newton

Rick offered free assessment to help me make sure I am on right track. Rick provided great break down of results of the assessment. The results and his suggestions have helped me move on more efficiently, clarified my focus and removed blind spots. Thanks Rick.

Luke Kypr

Rick is a clear communicator, has great humor and he makes me think beyond the superficial to create real and lasting change to benefit me and my company. I recommend Rick to companies and individuals who are looking for phenomenal results.

Greg Stuart

I hired Rick for restrategizing when my company’s client base was changing and a move into new markets was necessary and inevitable. With Rick’s methodical discovery process–and him always asking “So what?”–I was able to make some very important changes to how I do business. I’m looking forward to implementing my new strategy which, from all indicators now, is a good one. Thank you, Rick, for helping me make these changes a reality!

Heidi Thorne

Rick helped spearheaded the development of the Naperville Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute training. Not only have I learned valuable leadership techniques from Rich by taking the 5 month long training classes but as a fellow member of the Chamber Team B2B networking group he generously shares his insight and practical wisdom. I would also recommend him as a knowledgeable business speaker for any event.

Bruce Jones

I have had the pleasure of not only knowing Rick as a man of 100% integrity, intelligence, and absolute professionalism as a member of the community; but also have captivated by his messages and guidance. I have recommended him to my own Company, and would highly reach out to others and see what a difference it can make personally and professionally.

Karen Jordan

I recently was offered a very generous complimentary leadership consultation from Rick and I was very happy and pleased with the results of the consultation. Rick was able to use his program and properly indicate the positives and negatives to my leadership personality. I was very impressed with the way he was able to conceptualize each personality trait of mine and have an active discussion as to how my personal values and drives match with how I operate in a leadership and professional setting. I would recommend Rick’s services to anyone, it is always important to have an assessment on where you are and how to improve your leadership abilities and Rick is the person I would recommend to be there to guide you.

Tianyi Joe Zhu

Rick is the definition of “Leadership”. I have had the amazing opportunity to be coached by Rick on several occasions. He helped me realize it is important to lead through your actions. He has a huge heart which he driven on the success of others. Rick can be more than a mentor for you…he is a great friend. By any means, get to know Rick and take advantage of any services he has to offer!

Bradley Will

I have been impressed with Ricks leadership and people skills. He is an excellent facilitator and listener and can assist you solve your toughest problems.

Alec McPherson

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