…Be a Better Person and Lead Naturally.  I came across these words many years ago and they are one of the key influences behind the RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. Vision of “Making Leadership a Way of Life”.  Far too many people rely solely on a class, a book or a workshop to become better leaders.  What they fail to fully realize is the importance of understanding who they are as a foundation for effective leadership development.

So what do we mean by being a better person as a foundation for being a better leader?  In a word, integrity!  More specifically, personal integrity defined as our beliefs, our words and our actions all telling the same story.  We all know people from our past or present who we know believe in one thing and say another, or those who say one thing and do another.  These people are “out of integrity” as there exists disconnects between their beliefs, words and actions.

As a leader, our followers are looking for the integrity in our beliefs, words and actions, especially the latter two.  Followers may not have a full understanding of our beliefs.  However, they are very much attuned to our words and actions to see if they are, in fact, the same.  If so, we can build a culture of trust between leaders and followers that is natural and authentic.

A client recently shared these words which I believe are relevant to this idea of personal integrity:

Watch your thoughts;

     They become your words.

Watch your words;

     They become your actions.

Watch your actions;

     They become your habits.

Watch your habits;

     They become your character.

Watch your character;

     It becomes your destiny.

What will your leadership destiny be?

Lead Well!