…How to Become a Servant Leader

A client recently gave me a copy of this month’s book based on our multiple discussions of leadership, specifically servant leadership.  While it had been awhile since I last read this book, this was a great opportunity to re-read it in the context of leadership and business twelve years removed from its first printing.  I was not disappointed as I read “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How to Become a Servant Leader” by James Hunter.  It provides a great foundation for thinking what it takes to be a successful 21st Century Leader.

My favorite chapter in the book is titled, “On Character and Human Change” and speaks very directly to what character is and how it is a habit that can be built and developed over time.  The author speaks directly to how people can change highlighting the four stages of learning in the process.  These are the same four stages we use in our practice to help our clients Make Leadership a Way of Life by embracing leadership built on character as well as many other ideas in the book!

Enjoy the Book!