Business Alignment Maturity Model – BAMM

Provides a successful framework for achieving improved results all effective leaders strive for. It has the similar effect of trying to complete a thousand piece puzzle without the picture on the box. It might get done but will take far longer to finish. The Business Alignment Model is the picture on the box to successfully align the pieces of your business and personal life to complete the puzzle. Each layer must align to the layer below it prior to moving to the next layer.
Stage 5 – Repetitive success with the previous four stages over time.

Your Vision outlines the organizational or personal direction for the future. Think of it as your “North Star” for the next 5 years.
Your Mission Statement adds more specificity to how you will accomplish your Vision over the next 2 to 3 years.
Your Strategy speaks to how you will execute against your competition or your personal barriers during ths business cycle (typically this current year).
Structure: Most organizations are organized vertically around processes that work horizontally. Structural alignment occurs when People, Processes and Technology work with the Strategy, not at cross-purposes with it.
Organizations must continuously assess whether their People are capable and compatible with the Strategy, especially as it evolves.
Process: It is said that bad processes can ruin good people. Organizations must align their processes with the right people not the other way around.
Technology supports people and process. Organizations must ensure their technology is supporting, not inhibiting the Strategy.
Compensation: Since Success comes from a positive change in Behaviors and Habits, how will you incent the right behaviors for your organization and/or yourself?
Goals: There are specific and detailed objectives required to successfully execute the Strategy. They are accompanied by Action Steps to outline in detail Who does What by When.
Scientific Method: Along with Who, What and When you also need to determine How you will measure your progress toward your Strategy.
Desired Results: The culmination of your planning and execution! The Business Analysis Maturity Model © helps you articulate the Results in the context of your Strategy and ultimately your overall Vision.